Olpajeta Conservancy

Olpajeta Conservancy

December 3, 2019
Kenya Parks

OlPajeta Conservancy is a 24,000-acre private ranch with magnificent views across the plains with beautiful views of the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya. Olpajeta Conservancy is the closest reserve to Nairobi (2.5 hours drive). Its home to all the big five games and has the highest ratio of game-to-area of any park or reserve in Kenya. Olpajeta has a popular waterhole floodlit by night, providing excellent and secluded, rarely seen game viewing.

Olpajeta conservancy also houses a 200-acre Sweetwaters Chimpanzee sanctuary. A visit to this Sanctuary and the 30-minute boat ride (subject to fair weather) on the river among the chimps attracts no extra charge. This project, initiated by Lonrho East Africa, Kenya Wildlife Services, and the Jane Goodall Institute, aims to set up a colony where chimps are introduced, rehabilitated, and taught to fend for themselves in an area similar to their natural living conditions. Priority goes to orphaned and abused chimps. The Sanctuary currently has 24 chimps, including two babies born in the Sanctuary.

Facts About Olpajeta Conservancy

Olpajeta Conservancy is the only place on the planet you can see the endangered northern white Rhinos. Conservancy houses the only two remaining northern white Rhinos in the world. It is also the home to the most prominent black rhino sanctuary in East Africa. And in 2013, it reached a population milestone of 100 black rhino. The Sweetwater’s Chimpanzee Sanctuary is situated here and provides a haven for orphaned, abandoned, and rescued chimpanzees. It is the only place in Kenya you can see these great apes. The Conservancy is host to the famous “Big Five,” i.e. (Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Buffalo, and Elephant) among other extensive selection of other African animals, which makes it a popular safari destination.


  • Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary
  • The only two remaining Northern White Rhinos
  • Big Five
  • Views of Mt Kenya
  • The possible sight of wild dogs
  • Game-drives (night game-drives possible) within the Sanctuary
  • Black and white rhinos abound

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