Nairobi National Park

December 3, 2019
Kenya Parks

If you are in Nairobi and have a free morning, there’s no excuse not to visit this great park.

Just a few minutes from the city center, this park offers sightings of lions, black rhino, zebras, giraffes, cape buffalo, wildebeest, hippos, ostrich, and more. The park is small when compared to other destinations in Kenya, so you won’t see elephants roaming around (co-located with the park is an elephant orphanage that is highly recommended).

We offer guided tours around the park, and this might be your best bet to maximize your chances of seeing lots of animals. With Nairobi’s skyline to the north of the park visible from much of the area, the eastern part of the park tends to have more zebra and giraffes than the western part. Wildebeest, cape buffalo, various kinds of deer, impala, eland, and ostrich are plentiful throughout the park. Sightings of a black rhino are also more likely in some of the other parks.

Kenya has a ton of safari opportunities that will beat Nairobi National Park when it comes to wildlife, scenic beauty, and bush vibe. However, the close proximity of this park to Nairobi and the ease of access make it a great option for anyone spending a day or two (or even a few hours) in the city.

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