Quick Facts
Capital City Kigali
Population 12 million
Area 26,338 sq kms
Highest Point Mount Karisimbi – 4,510 m
Main Language Kinyarwanda, French, English
Currency Rwandan Franc
General Information

Witness one of the world’s most powerful and awe-inspiring creatures in Rwanda’s acclaimed national park, Parc des Volcans, on a high-energy gorilla trekking safari.

During this specialized African safari tour, visitors have the opportunity to hike up one of the six Virunga Volcanoes to come in contact with the giant mountain gorillas of Rwanda. The lush terrain provides an enchanting atmosphere for gorilla trekking, where guests will pass through bamboo forests and rainforests in search of this noble creature. While traveling up the slopes of Parc des Volcans, travelers on a Rwanda safari tour can witness a variety of other primate species, as well as an abundance of birds.

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