Karura Forest Half Day Tour

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Day Trip:

Karura Forest is located north of central Nairobi and it is a good way of spending your time in Nairobi either cycling through the trails or walking and exploring the forest which has different species of trees not forgetting a chance of visiting the waterfall, marshland, Mau Mau caves.
The forest is known to host a variety of animals that include the Harveys and Grimms Duikers, Bushbucks, Bush Pigs, Genet Cats, Civets, Bush Babies, Porcupines, Sykes Monkeys, Ground Squirrels, Hares and the Epauletted-Bat and different species of birds which include Ayres Hawk-eagle, the African Crowned Eagle, the Silvery-cheeked Hornbill, Hartlaubs Turaco, the Narina Trogon, the African Wood Owl, Crested Cranes, Sparrows, Doves, Weavers and Vultures.
It is also home to different reptiles that include the rock pythons, numerous other harmless snakes, plated and monitor lizards. It is also habitat for numerous species of butterflies, including the African Queen and the Desmonds Green Banded Swallowtail

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